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About Mongolia

About Mongolia

  • Located at the heart of Asia, heritage of this country is closely tied with nature and unique lifestyle defined with vast grasslands to scorching gobi desserts, un-touched forests and high-mountains under ultimate weather characteristics. Generations of legends, undefined histories passed through the land has left remarkable tales and image today connecting the modern life to traditional nomad with ancient artifacts and wonders. Today, the country and it’s people are proud to present preservation of nomadic culture, wildlife, remote lifestyle with rich historical backgrounds to world. In modern perspective, Mongolia is one of the role example of friendly existence of tradition and globalization.

    Population 3,120,000 as of 2017 Q4
    GDP growth 5.8%
    Territory 1,564,116km2 / 603,909sq m 18th largest country
    Climate Average temp drop -30’C (-22’F) <-> +28’C (80’F)
    Government Semi-presidential, representative democratic republic
    Language Mongolian / Cyrillic alphabet
    Foreign relations Maintains positive relation to all nations
  • With many of the country’s worshippers take great respect in Buddhism, you can experience religious functions and visuals in fine arts along with emerging modern arts.

    Visual Arts
  • Influenced by central asian traditions and nomadic style architecting, Mongolian traditional architecture is distinguished as Mongolian, Tibetan and Chinese as well as combination of three. Many of the temples, monasteries, ruins can be encountered as either three traditions in different parts of Mongolia. Uniqueness of these ancient architects each has its own legends, visual wonders and contains mastery of arts.

  • Circled with four seasons, Mongolia is destination wild filled with numerous kinds of excitements and experiences each varies with seasonal attractions. Among all seasonal festivals and holidays, “NAADAM” is the most widely celebrated festival and its tradition existed for centuries in one fashion. The festival has its origin in the activities such as military parades, sporting competitions covering archery, horse riding and wrestling that followed the celebration of various occasions, including weddings or spiritual gatherings. During the festive, you can enjoy authentic northern asian cuisines, street foods, traditional fashion shows, ancient military outfits and thrill of men versus men sports. With mixture of traditional festivals, modern music and entertainments shows can be held in urban areas whereas people enjoy the sound of live music and dance party’s with great joy.

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