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Gobi Wonder tour

Dund Gobi province is located in the south of the country about 270 km or 150 miles from capital city Ulaanbaatar. It consists largely of semi-arid steppe and low hills.

  • Dund Gobi province is located in the south of the country about 270 km or 150 miles from capital city Ulaanbaatar. It consists largely of semi-arid steppe and low hills. Temperatures in the summer may top 32 °C or 90 °F, while winter temperatures may dip below −30 °C or −22 °F. The northern steppe and central parts of the steppe are dark brown, light brown soil and southern Gobi gray soils. Different kinds of herbs grow in the northern and middle parts of the countryside, as well as southern part of the Gobi vegetation where many of the herbs used traditionally as a meditation purpose for health and injury. You can find many habitats where extinct today in the world for its wildlife such as black-tailed gazelles, marmot, snow leopards, sakes, wolves, ducks.

    Unexpected in the middle of desert

    Highland Rock is a National Park located 330km or 200miles from Capitol city of Ulaanbaatar. The area is uniquely know as largest Granite rock source where you can find many different kinds of shapes, landscapes and habitats in the middle of Gobi dessert.

    Unexpected in the middle of desert

    Landscape where you can enjoy the light and shadow

    White Stupa “Tsagaan Suwarga” is one of the remaining wonders of Gobi in our age where you can travel back to millions of years to explore the remains of dinosaurs, ocean habits and soils. The location’s one of the biggest attraction is photographic scenery due to sunlight and shadow forming during afternoon.

    Unexpected in the middle of desert

    Travel back to 3000BC

    One of the most significant World Heritage Site in Mongolia can be found in Dundgovi province, Del Mountain where its landscape is composed of 17 km from east to west and 8 km from north to south wide area. Uniqueness of this place can take you to exploration of ancient rock carving arts, cutting-edge tools, and evidence of ancestral lifestyle in real-time touch by hiking through mountain trail.

    Unexpected in the middle of desert

    Refil Yourt Aura with energy

    Ongi Monastery was built during year between 1760-1810 by Buddhist masters in Dund Gobi province. During its peak time, over 1000 Buddhist lama were present for study and meditation in the monastery where you will feel different aura and energy from very first arrival. Used by master Buddhist Lama, skull cup, bone marrow horns, ancient scrolls and education materials can be found in the monastery for visitors.

    Unexpected in the middle of desert
  • Schedule

    Date Time Itinerary Accommodation
    Day 1 11:00AM - 19:00PM Airport pick up Chinggis Khaan airport
    19:00AM – 22:00PM Hotel Check-in & dinner Varies on menu
    Day 2 07:00AM - 10:00AM Breakfast
    10:00AM – 13:30PM Go to Dund Gobi province Highland Rock camp
    13:30PM – 14:30PM Lunch
    14:30PM – 16:30PM Arrival in Highland Rock camp
    16:30PM – 18:30PM Yamaha Riding Academy safety riding training
    18:30PM – 19:30PM Dinner
    20:00PM – 21:00PM Free time
    Day 3 08:00AM – 10:00AM Breakfast
    10:00AM – 12:00PM Visit nearby Highland Rock national park Highland Rock camp
    12:00PM – 13:00PM Lunch
    13:30PM – 17:30PM Arrival in White Stupa camp White Stupa camp
    18:30PM – 20:00PM Dinner, photography, visit national park
    Day 4 08:00AM – 09:00AM Breakfast
    09:00AM – 11:00AM Arrival at Del Mountain
    10:00PM – 13:00PM Outdoor mobile catering lunch
    13:30PM – 17:00PM Arrival at Ongi Monastery camp Ongi Monastery camp
    18:30PM – 20:00PM Dinner, rest
    Day 5 08:00AM – 09:00AM Breakfast
    09:00AM – 10:00AM Visit ancient monastery
    10:30AM – 14:00PM Arrival at Lowland Rock camp
    14:40PM – 18:00PM Visit Lowland Rock area Arrival at Lowland Rock camp
    19:00PM – 21:00PM Dinner, rest
    Day 6 09:00AM – 10:00AM Breakfast
    10:00AM – 12:00PM Arrival at Delgeriin Choir Monastery
    13:00PM – 14:00PM Lunch
    14:00PM – 19:00PM Arrival at UB city, Hotel Check-in
    19:00PM – 20:00PM Dinner, rest
    Day 7 Departure from UB city
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